Monday, July 30, 2007

Doll Quilt

I finished my doll quilt for the swap about 10 days ago, but was unable to mail it because the information about my swap partner was lost when the computer went down earlier this month. Anyway, My "Swap Mama" emailed me the information and I was able to send this little quilt off in the mail. Better late than never! So, here is a picture of it. I used Kaffee Fassett fabrics and the "Spool" block. I must admit I loved the top although I wasn't particularly happy with my stitch in the ditch technique. I'd love to make another one to hang in my sewing room!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sockapalooza 4 Socks

I've been out of town but wanted to post a picture of my finished Sockapalooza socks. These are part of an international sock swap and we will all be mailing our completed socks to our partners on August 3rd. These were great fun to knit and a pattern I will definitely use again.

Pattern: Fluted Bannister Socks by Laura Gallagher

Yarn: Sheeps Gift from Joslyn's Fiber Farm; colorway "Confetti"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back Online

Sorry for the absence, but my computer started acting up on the 4th of July and I was unable to do anything without it freezing. Anyway, the motherboard was bad and needed to be replaced. So, I'm back in business!

I'm participating in the Doll Quilt II swap and received the most adorable quilt in the mail last week. I had requested Civil War Repros and Fiona did such a great job! As you can see in the picture she made it really scrappy (I love scrappy!) and it looks like it came from the 1800's. Check out her blog at As for my quilt I have the top done and need to finish the quilting and binding to get it in the mail on Wednesday. So far I'm loving how it looks and hope my swap partner likes it too! I'll post a picture when it is done and mailed.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Thought I'd show you a picture of the bananas on the plant by our pool. This bunch was actually ripe and harvested the other day. I made banana bread out of them! We have two more stalks on the plant. I've had the plant about four years now and it's just starting to produce - I guess the plant has to reach a certain level of maturity to bear fruit.

Quilters Block

The topic this week on Stashbusters is what keeps us from getting things done. I've thought about this quite a bit lately because I found myself not working for the summer and I notice that I get less done than when I was working full-time! But, I think one of my biggest problems is worrying too much about what the receiver of the quilt wants! I know that sounds strange, but I've found that most people you make a quilt for are really not that picky. They're just happy to get a handmade quilt! Also, I think we as quilters tend to be too hard on ourselves and focus on what we perceive to be wrong with a quilt and not enough on what is right with it!

I have been going back and forth with myself all week about making the doll quilt for the swap I signed up for. I've changed my mind about the fabric and pattern many times - worrying that my swap partner won't like it. I had decided on "Calico Spools" from Quilters Cache and the printed pattern has been lying on the counter for days! Anyway, I just saw the same blocks on the Quilting Daze blog on Stashbusters and they were adorable! Perfect for an old-fashioned dolly quilt! So, I guess I just need to move along!