Saturday, June 9, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap

I saw Beth's post about the doll quilt swap and couldn't resist joining also! I've never made a doll quilt before, but it sure beats the large t-shirt quilt I've been working on - that monster is going to be queen size and the biggest thing I've ever tackled!

The shuttle launch last evening was picture perfect! Too bad I don't have a camera and couldn't take pictures! Anyway, I'm going to Ft. Pierce today to pick up my girls and the cameras will be back!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Using Stash

A few days ago I read another quilters blog and she said she had requested to be removed from both the Stashbusters and Stash Quilts rings because she really didn't feel she met the criteria anymore for those rings. It made me sad because I really enjoyed reading her blog and I also wondered if the purpose here is to post just about using up your stash. I must admit that I don't have huge amounts of stash because I've only been quilting a couple of years. Also, I tend to go more for fat quarters if I don't know what I'm going to use a fabric for. In fact, I get kind of envious when I read about someone taking the backing for a fairly large quilt from their stash! I could never do that because I'm sure I don't have any stash pieces larger than 1-2 yards!

I've been working on a t-shirt quilt for my niece and I've framed many of the shirts with various fabrics to make the pieces come up to 16.5". I've had to take several fat quarters from my stash in order to do that. That's how I use up the stash - does that count?

Still no pictures - makes for a boring blog, but my girls are visiting my family in Ft. Pierce and they both took their cameras - poor Mom doesn't have one! It's a shame too because the space shuttle is scheduled for launch tomorrow evening and it's right in my backyard! God speed Atlantis!