Friday, May 22, 2009


If those of you who commented on the blog post about scraps could send me your address, I will mail you squishies. (Lean, Nadine, Sue, Gloria and Nova) Send to Things are moving right along. I posted yesterday on the Great Hexagon Quilt-Along site about a Grandmother's Flower Garden top that I wanted to give away and am mailing it to SummerSadie. I have it boxed and ready to go but will not get to the post office before Tuesday as it is a holiday weekend and I am working tomorrow. Plus, I need to get the squishies of scraps together!

We had the carpets cleaned today, so I didn't get much cleaning/organizing done as they are too damp for much foot traffic - so I took a nap. Likely excuse!

I have two quilts to bind and I'll take a picture of them when I'm done. For now I'll post a picture of the hex quilt top I'm giving to SummerSadie. I bought it last year at a tag sale at a church and I have left it rolled up in a bag so I'm sure she'll be a better owner for it than me!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving & A Scrap Give-Away

Ok, I have tried to "bloom where I am planted" and it's not working. See the picture at the top of my blog? That's where I want to be - in Florida, not Colorado. Now, mind you, the present circumstances are self-induced. I insisted I wanted to be here and drug the whole family out to live in the foothills. It's beatiful here, really beautiful. But my extended family is not here and I miss them terribly. So, I am preparing to sell the house (we just purchased last year) and move back to Fl. I know, I nedd a shrink in this economy, but, it will be worth it in the end.

So, in getting the house ready, I have discovered I have a serious problem. I am a hoarder. I mean I hoard every little fabric scrap because I love scrap quilts. The problem with that is that I haven't made any (well, one, but that was years ago). So, does anyone want my scraps? There are bags of them. Some small, some bigger. A huge mix of fabric types from traditional to kidstuff to Civil War. Quilt shop quality and not (Joann's). I'll mail them free of charge. Just leave a comment here by Friday at 3 pm EST. If by chance there is more than one taker then I'll do a random drawing. I just can't bring myself to throw them away. It's part of the hoarding disease.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Ok, my friend Jeri in Florida has browbeat me into posting. She now has a blog and she wants me to post on a rregular basis. Imagine that! Next thing I know she will want me to take down the photo in my header of my former backyard in Florida and put up Colorado photos! Maybe I'll put up a quilt instead!

No photos tonight, but have several works in progress, so I'll post again this weekend. I have to keep Jeri happy!