Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rail Fence Units

I finished the rail fence units for the mystery quilt in time for the second clue. However, I just uploaded the pictures to the computer, so I'm posting now. I hate posts without pictures! I've been working on the 9 patch units for clue 2, but haven't finished them as yet. Good thing Bonnie is giving us 2 weeks to finish clue 3 - maybe I can catch up! I'm liking the way the purple and green look together and really like the "controlled scrappiness" of the units.

I'm behind on the mystery quilt because I've been working on a signature quilt for a co-worker that is retiring. I couldn't find my walking foot (oh, the joys of moving & living in a small space!) so I'm tying it. I've never tied a quilt before, but I kind of like how it's looking. I'll post pictures when the binding is done.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's a mystery!

I'm following along with Bonnie at on her mystery quilt. I've picked my colors and dug through the stash. I'll be doing purple, green and cream. I've cut the green strips for the rail fence blocks (need 100 by Thursday!) and am still washing, ironing the purples. From now on nothing is going in my stash without washing first! I'm also going to get my husband to pull out some boxes so I can search for more purples. I know I have them - it's just a matter of what box they are in!