Thursday, May 31, 2007


The topic this week is labels. I must admit I rarely label (like never!) quilts even though I understand the significance of labeling. I have a HP label maker that I have used once for a commissioned quilt, but I did not care for the fabric sheets that you are supposed to use with it. I have seen instructions on how to make your own sheets using muslin and some chemical that you soak it in, but I never seem to remember to buy the supplies when I am out.

I apologise for my lack of posting this month. I've had some personal problems and really haven't had anything to show. Since I hate posting without photos, I just haven't bothered. I've been working on a Bargello for my sister-in-law and a t-shirt quilt for my niece, but neither would make for interesting photos right now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dream Quilt

Well, I've certainly been bad about posting recently. It's not that I haven,t been working on anything quilty, but I really don't have anything to show for my efforts that would look good in a photo and I hate posting without pictures. Anyway, I've been working on a t-shirt quilt for my niece and a bargello for my sister-in-law and her husband. When they get to the point that there is something to view other than little bits, I'll post a photo.

The topic this week for Stashbusters is your "dream quilt". Wow, this is an easy one for me! I would dearly love to make a "Dear Jane" quilt. I have the book, the software, and am collecting Civil War reproduction fabrics to use. It is just such a large, overwhelming project that I freeze everytime I think about starting it. I thought about doing it as a BOM as several on-line shops offer it this way, but when you calculate the cost it is quite pricey that way and, besides, I think I would enjoy choosing the fabric for each block. Another problem with this "dream quilt" is that I have never done paper piecing or applique', so I need to work on those skills first. Oh, well, maybe later this year...