Saturday, June 9, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap

I saw Beth's post about the doll quilt swap and couldn't resist joining also! I've never made a doll quilt before, but it sure beats the large t-shirt quilt I've been working on - that monster is going to be queen size and the biggest thing I've ever tackled!

The shuttle launch last evening was picture perfect! Too bad I don't have a camera and couldn't take pictures! Anyway, I'm going to Ft. Pierce today to pick up my girls and the cameras will be back!


Greenmare said...

how cool for you to be able to see the launch!!!!!!
I'm looking forward to pictures of the monster t-shirt quilt and the doll quilts. I'm pretty much lost without my daughter and her camera too. poor us! ;-)

Marisa said...

Good luck w/ your doll quilt. Looking forward to hearing about what you're planning.

Susan said...

I envy you seeing the launch. I see a *lot* of people signed up for the doll quilt swap! Look forward to seeing yours.

Niki said...

I found you thru the Q4P blogring! hello fello quilt blogger :) Niki