Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mennonite Mosaic

Several quilters have posted about the quilt by the name of "Mennonite Mosaic" on their blogs. A group of quilters were making the quilt at the same time and several have finished theirs. I happened to have the magazine the quilt is published in and gave a copy to a good friend of mine in Florida at Christmas. So, I started teasing her about two weeks ago that we should make the quilt also. Well, she took me up on it and has pulled the fabric from her stash and is working on strip piecing it this weekend. So, I had to go out and buy fabric for one of my own (likely excuse!). I plan on making my strips bigger than those in the picture because I would like the finished product to cover my king sized bed. So, my strips will be 2- 1/2" cut and 2" finished. My fabric has been washed and needs ironing, but first... I need to make the top for the Doll Quilt Swap II on quilting forum. I've cut my strips and am ready to sew - but first, since it's dusk here, I think I'll dig around in the boxes in the garage and look for my sewing lamp!

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