Sunday, April 1, 2007

Productive Day

I kept myself moving today and really accomplished a lot in the sewing room. Yesterday I finished the quilting on the "Turning Twenty" quilt that I made for my daughter's riding instructor and today I cut off all the excess backing and batting and made the binding. I did not have enough of any one fabric left over to bind the quilt so I made a scrappy binding of the leftover bits. I've wanted to do this for awhile and really like the results. I'll post a picture of the completed quilt once it's done.

I started a quilt a while back for a friend of mine's first grandchild. It's really small, but for some reason I kept doing one thing and putting it aside. I managed to make the binding and sew it on today. I tried the method used by Evelyn aka Starfishy that she described in her blog recently. It was great! I will procrastinate binding a quilt forever because I hate hand sewing the binding on the back (it uses up valuable knitting time!) This method is all done by machine and is so much easier. I'm posting a picture of the quilt - it's a Dutchman's Puzzle block I really like how it came out.

Last but certainly not least I forced myself to work on one of the UFO's from my niece's wedding last year. This is a siggy quilt that she used instead of a bride's book and I'm sure she'd appreciate it if I get it done! This block is called Cracker and works well for this type of quilt. The blocks needed a lot of squaring up (hopefully my skills are improving and this won't be such an issue in the future) and I just dreaded doing it. I squared up 40 of 100 blocks this evening and sewed 20 of the blocks into the units that compose the quilt. I'll post a picture of this later when I get a bit further along. I actually really enjoyed working on this piece and could kick myself for putting it in a drawer!


Sweet P said...

I love the colors in your baby quilt! I like to do binding. I find hand sewing binding is a good way to relax with the quilt and to feel like I have truly finished it.

Rose said...

What an incredible view u have in ur sewing room!!!.....ur baby quilt is gorgeous, well done!!!

swooze said...

Cute quilt. You are making good progress! Keep it up.